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#221 - Amna Akhtar - Co-founder and Creative Director of GirlDreamer

December 17, 2020

Amna Akhtar is a leader, author, mentor and advocate for a better quality of living, especially for women of colour. Professionally, she is the Co-founder and Creative Director of GirlDreamer , a social enterprise that supports women of colour personally and professionally to tackle social inequality. Her work has led to GirlDreamer becoming one of the “Top 50 most exciting, innovative and disruptive creative companies in England” and “Most Influential Leadership Development Enterprise 2020 - UK”, whilst she has personally been acknowledged as one of Birmingham’s “30 under 30”.

In her personal time, Amna advocates for holistic and purposeful living, her mantra “I can & I will” has seen her through some of life’s tough challenges and her dreamer mindset has always ensured she never settles and always strives for greatness in all she pursues. Amna holds intentional living at the core of all she is and does and considers herself to be the ultimate ‘GirlDreamer’.

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