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#217 - Amber Perng - Founder of Salmo

December 8, 2020

Salmo Visa is an online service in the form of a web app, it is designed to help UK immigrants prepare/organise their visa applications faster and easier, without the need of hiring a lawyer.

Amber Perng is a Taiwanese product designer who initially moved to the UK as a student. After graduating from Central Saint Martins, she co-founded a design studio, Meahe Design and began the entrepreneurial journey.

In 2019, she applied for her latest visa and faced an enormous struggle in the application process. After spending £3,600 on a lawyer, thinking that this would make life easier, she quickly realised the lawyer didn’t do anything more than what she expected or did already. Feeling furious about this situation, the idea of Salmo began to grow in her mind.

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