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#214 - Neil Laughton - Founder & CEO at Laughton & Co

November 30, 2020

Neil Laughton is a former Royal Marine Commando, Special Forces veteran and helicopter pilot. He is an entrepreneur who founded a group of companies in the construction industry, built the business to £40m turnover before selling up to a FTSE 100 company. Currently, he is Managing Director of an experiential training company, Chairman of the Scientific Exploration Society and Founder of the Penny Farthing Club.

Neil is passionate about travel, sport and adventure. He has organised and led 50+ expeditions on 7 continents by land, sea and air. He climbed Mt Everest with Bear Grylls, circumnavigated the UK & Ireland on a jet-ski and he piloted the world's first road legal flying car on a 10,000 km journey from London to Timbuktu.

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