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#206 - James Kerslake - Founder & CEO at Tom Savano Cocktails

November 12, 2020

James Kerslake, originally from NZ, has been a lifelong city worker with a side hustle. It was always his dream to build something for himself - the reason he left his homeland - and he has spent two decades exploring various business ventures, learning a lot of hard lessons along the way. Relentless and unwilling to give up, the idea for Tom Savano Cocktails appeared to him one day whilst enjoying a mojito in the garden, and he knew that this time, something felt different.

James had spent most of his life travelling to beautiful places, enjoying special moments such as sunsets on the strip of Ibiza listening to music from Cafe del Mar. These moments are what grew into the seed of Tom Savano, the cocktail brand which seeks to recreate all your most memorable travel experiences, through incredible, craft drinks. Having now launched the brand around his day job, he's slowly approaching the point in his twenty-year career, when he will walk away from it for good, to fulfill his dream of creating something for himself that will be remembered.

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